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    PHLY Admin

    Hello everyone,

    Today was the final prize for PHLY Beta’s Leaderboard. Congratulations to everyone who won the final prize today and to all of last prizes’ winners!

    We’d like to thank everyone who was part of PHLY Beta Leaderboard Prizes and all users who contributed to this forum with ideas and suggestions.

    As mentioned in the beginning, PHLY’s Leaderboard prizes were held weekly and bi-monthly to heavily engage PHLY users and get their feedback and suggestions. It was an exercise that aimed to help us improve PHLY experience.

    We’re going through all of your ideas, suggestions and even complaints to consider them for future updates. Next updates will be released more frequently and will include many of your suggested features.

    Thanks again for being part of PHLY Private Beta and stay tuned! The prizes are over, but the updates are not! Some major updates are coming soon

    If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask here in the comments section or start your own topic/post. You can also drop us an email on Contact@PHLY.io


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