Why the PHLY Ambassador Program?

Do you love social media? Do you want to introduce a new app concept at your university and share your passion for PHLY with your fellow students? 

This is your chance to become a student ambassador for PHLY.

You will be a part of a Nationwide, entrepreneurial ambassador team for 3 months. Launching campaigns at your university to expand PHLY’s community and represent our values to the world.  
We will help you to develop the skills you need for your future career.

Level up with us!

What will be your tasks?

  • You are the voice of your community

    You will establish and grow the PHLY community at your university. Become the voice of the community you built, bring their concerns and needs to us and vice versa.

  • Lead exciting projects

    Organize and run campaigns and other initiatives on your campus. From internal campus competitions and community events to workshops. Your work should increase awareness, trust and loyalty for PHLY.

  • Build relationships and gather feedbacks

    Build relationships with key members of the university and faculties, as well as other student groups to enhance the perception of PHLY on campus and prove it can go hand in hand with academic achievements.

  • Manage the finances

    Manage a budget and divide the funds to your best ability, to meet the needs of students at your university.  We also encourage you to seek potential sponsors and build long-term partnerships.


Beta testing

Get the opportunity to influence the development and execution of the program. Be there from the beginning and help us develop a program that will benefit you and other students in the future.

Get a chance to shape the app which might become a game changer in the social media world.

Improve your skills

As part of the project, you will develop a wide range of important qualities for professional life (leadership, critical thinking, communication and analytical skills).

 We will share our knowledge and resources with you and give you the opportunity to make contacts that will help you in your later career.


Receive a cash prize once the program is finished.

Compete with other ambassadors for “The Best Ambassador” weekly prize.

Finish the program on top and you will be offered a 3-6 months internship with us!

Who we are looking for?

Organized and flexible

You can quickly change direction as priorities change or difficulties arise. You can coordinate multiple projects at the same time - including academic projects - and still meet tight deadlines.


You've been using apps all your life, and your passion for them (especially social media) helps you focus on initiatives that makes a difference to users in and out of the app.

An exemplary student

Any full-time student enrolled at a university or college can apply. Although you are a risk taker, you also have good grades and take part in various unplanned events.

An idea machine

You absorb ideas easily and like to rain during the brainstorming.
You face challenges by taking creative risks.